Mother's fur coat or the mink jacket from aunt Liane; they have rarely been worn, but ... look at that funny cut, the awkward collar and the back then oh-so-modern sleeve ends! And they don't really fit too well either. Throw them away? No way! Take our advice with no obligation attached about what you can still do with your fur. With some skilful tricks they can often be turned into a nice piece.

We cannot work magic, but the specialist always has an eye for the potentials.



Professional handling of fur increases its lifespan. This also requires a perfect look. Whatever your needs, battered sleeve edges, a new inner lining a loose button or broken seals we take care of it.



Natural materials such as fur and leather require special cleaning procedures. Therefore fur should only be cleaned using traditional fining processes. We are happy to carry out the cleaning of your fur and leather pieces.



Proper storage has a positive effect on the lifetime of fur. We can preserve their quality over the summer in our special climatically controlled room at appropriate humidity and temperature.

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