Taking responsibility

Michael Bornett places great emphasis on sustainability, which is why he is committed to species-appropriate fur farming. He distances himself from fur trade, which involve production under torturous conditions. Most furs processed by Bornett are equipped with the Origin Assured Label.
Origin Assured Label


Fur – a clear statement against the throwaway society!

Michael Bornett: "It is perfection and traditional processing techniques that ensure the durability of a coat or a jacket. In contrast to industrially produced fur sold by international labels, I do not use adhesives or "production catalyst" methods or techniques. Thus the garment can be reworked easily."


Leather from local hunting

Bornett mainly uses the "coverings" of Austrian deer and mountain goat. He often works with suede which is hand-coloured by plant dyes from Austria. Especially because of their imperfections and natural scars he prefers these animal skins to New Zealand deerskin for example. Each piece tells a story, every single leather about life itself.

To all hunters: Bring us your piece of skin or fur (fox, raccoon...) and Michael Bornett will create a unique garment for you.

To all ladies: There is hardly another fur which flatters a woman as much as a red fox.

In order to maintain the balance of species (protection of birds, preventing rabies, etc.) a considerable number of red fox must be shot in Austria. Michael Bornett uses skins of hunted fox for elegant and trendy jackets, coats and accessories.