Michael Bornett

It’s the sensuality and magic of the material and all
its possibilities in the process of making
that fascinate me with each new model.
There is for sure no piece like the other“
Michael Bornett

His designs are unconventional and extravagant. His crafts always perfect. And with a great attention to detail. This is Michael Bornett. The Austrian designer who mixes Far Eastern influences with the typical Viennese and a good portion of avant-garde as well as international fashion trends. Sounds bold?
It is bold! Not without reason has the Lower Austrian a reputation for being an extraordinary fashion designer. Bornett cleverly combines craft perfection and fine detail with an exciting mix of materials. Quite often adding a touch of irony. Sustainable production is one of the top priorities for the designer. In addition Individuality is something we have always emphasized. Those looking for the ordinary will be quite disappointed.



It was in the late 80s when Michael Bornett first began to design his own collections. This era also marked a boom in fashion. He experimented with new styles inspired by Far Eastern aesthetics and a good portion of avant-garde. While he started questioning old methods he also began openly criticising fur handling and livestock farming. Michael Bornetts response to the justified concerns and objections: Fur and leather are not just bling-bling or some cheap commodity. Bornett categorically rejects industrial fur farming and assembly line production to maximize the profit of "big brands". – Fur is luxury and that’s what it should always stand for: For the sake of respect for animals and the profession.

Michael Bornett has often been honoured with national and international awards. Always open for new adventures, Michael is currently dedicated to ornamentation, focussing on geometrical patterns – traditional Vienna workshops "reloaded". The result is various fur combinations and marquetry. For some time now he’s been expanding his collections, adding dresses, pants, capes and accessories such as bags, caps, working with a wide range of materials – a melting pot where leather meets velvet, fur meets knitwear and exquisite fabrics are combined with special fur.

Michael's wife, Birgit Bornett is his main advisor, providing further support in creation and management.